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  • Newsletter Q1/2022
    The first quarterly newsletter this year announces the news of our cooperation with Bratschi Law and some SEC News and Swiss Compliance News.
    March 2022
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  • Newsletter Q3/2021
    Welcome to our regular quarterly newsletter covering a few of the more important updates and news coming from the SEC as relating to Switzerland, e.g. on the topic of cybersecurity.
    October 2021
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  • Gaps and Overlaps of SEC Regulations versus FIDLEG/FINIG: Are you ready?
    Presentation to the Swiss Registered Advisors Association (SRIAA) of Switzerland, 21. September 2021

    Presentation compares and contrasts the regulatory regimes of the U.S. and Switzerland, presents elements of FINSA / FINIA SEC RIAs already have covered due to the requirements of the SEC registration and the gaps that need to be filled – actions required.
    Review of new Swiss regulatory regime and framework relating directly to asset managers, mapping against the SEC regulatory framework providing overview of commonalities, differences and gaps. Integration of U.S. and Swiss compliance requirements.
    September 2021
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  • Newsletter Q2/2021
    For this Q2 quarterly newsletter we want to cover a few of the more important updates and news coming from the SEC as it likely relates to Switzerland.
    June 2021
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  • Newsletter Q1/2021
    The SEC Division of Examinations (formerly OCIE) announced the 2021 Examination priorities on March 3, 2021, including a greater focus on climate related risks, such as business continuity plans in light of intensifying physical risks associated with the climate change.
    March 2021
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  • FINIA – Organisational requirements for Trustees
    FINIA, The Swiss Financial Institutions Act, which came into force on the 1st January 2020, places Trustees under prudential regulation in Switzerland for the first time.
    July 2020
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  • Recovery of Foreign Withholding Tax
    Citywire magazine legal brief, November 2018
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  • Top Ten U.S. tax forms you Need to know
    Article in Citywire magazine, November 2016
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  • The age of Automatic Information Exchange: Protection and security of Client information
    GGi Insider Magazine, May 2016
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  • Pension, Retirement Planning and Saving for Americans in Switzerland
    Presentation in Zurich,  March 2016
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