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Aviolo Compliance Solutions was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of a Zurich law firm. Originally with a focus on regulatory & compliance for U.S. SEC Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and the advice on U.S. securities law issues, the law firm itself had been working with SEC RIAs since 2012.

As the advisory tasks in relation to the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) were growing steadily, it was decided that a separate entity was required.

Aviolo’s service offering was expanded in 2020 to include the new Swiss federal laws on financial services (FinSA) and financial institutions (FinIA). Additional expertise and resources became available with the hiring of additional compliance specialists and the partnership with a Zurich law firm.

Increased regulatory requirements have led to a steady expansion of business activities and services provided to meet client requests regarding the complex integration and coordination of cross-legal compliance requirements.

Aviolo Environmental Policy

Aviolo is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of both the company and its employees.

We do not offer staff parking spaces and all employees are encouraged to use public transport for their daily commute. When we need to visit our clients, then wherever possible, all business travel is undertaken using public transport.

All our IT equipment is up to date and meets the latest energy saving requirements. We encourage energy efficiency amongst all our employees.

Our industry remains very paper oriented, and we try to keep the use of it to a minimum. When printing of documents is unavoidable then we encourage the use of double-sided printing. All wastepaper is recycled.